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The alcohol evaluation is absolutely critical to the success of your case, whether it be a DUI or a criminal case involving alcohol or drugs. Be sure you go to a qualified and trusted alcohol treatment center and be certain you obtain counseling from your Skagit County criminal lawyer. While it is true that there are several good treatment centers locally, not all have a good reputation.  Also, obtaining an evaluation early in your criminal case in Skagit County will benefit in less supervised probation and less court costs.

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We are very pleased to announce the updated Skagit County DUI Handbook, 2017 edition. The first edition was published in 2013, proving to be a big success, having been downloaded thousands of times. The 2017 version of the Skagit County DUI Handbook updates and improves the first edition. Best of all, it is still free! Download a copy now. 

David got what looked like an ironclad DUI case reduced to negligent driving giving my son a second chance for his future. He also won the DOL Hearing! Thank you!

- Scott, Mount Vernon, WA

Our Criminal law podcasts discuss topics such as a DUI arrest, Court appearances, the DOL, traffic tickets, License Suspensions and Ignition Interlocks, among many legal issues.

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The Skagit County criminal defense team at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly have more than 60 years of legal experience. David Jolly has also published 20 DUI books, is a former prosecutor, and is very well known and respected in the criminal court system in Western Washington. All consultations are free and all inquiry calls to the office after hours are returned promptly.
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Campbell v. Department of Licensing is a case in a county neighboring Skagit County involving a motorist who drove past a State Trooper and yelled that there was a drunk driver nearby. The Trooper made a U-turn, followed the suspected drunk driver, stopping the vehicle without observing any suspicious driving. The Court stated “[t]he passing motorist in this case provided no factual information from which the officer could assess, as he must, the probable accuracy of the motorist's conclusion.” The case was dismissed.

An arrest for a criminal offense in Skagit County will require multiple court appearances and the possibility of a criminal conviction and even jail. This is not the time to leave your future in the hands of inexperienced counsel. Our Skagit County criminal defense attorneys are experienced at handling all kinds of criminal cases and have more than 60 years of combined legal experience. We aggressively and thoughtfully defend and protect every client we represent. We take our role as protectors very seriously and as our clients can attest, we always have their best interests first and foremost.  If you have been arrested for DUI, Reckless Driving, Driving While License Suspension, Hit and Run, Theft, Assault, or any other misdemeanor crime, please call one of our Criminal Defense Lawyers.

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Not every criminal defense attorney is created equally. Skagit County has many defense lawyers to offer a potential client, but it is important to choose an attorney whose sole focus is criminal defense. You would not call your plumber to get advice on wiring your house, so why would you go to a lawyer that specializes in anything other than DUI and Criminal Defense. The Law Firm of David N. Jolly practices only criminal defense with a focus on defending those accused of driving under the influence.  David Jolly himself has written and published 20 books relating to criminal law and thoroughly understands the DUI process in Washington State and Skagit County.

Your criminal charge will result in many court appearances and the risk of jail is very real.  This is why you must quickly meet with an experienced Criminal Defense attorney. Skagit County criminal procedures involve several steps.  If the crime involves alcohol or drugs, such as a DUI, the court will impose a mandatory alcohol evaluation, which will help the state determine if you require additional help for substance abuse. It is important to take the alcohol evaluation seriously as it can drastically affect your case and its outcomes; if you are determined to have a substance abuse problem, you may be required to attend extra schooling or counseling to gain help. The alcohol evaluation will ask questions about your family history, drinking habits, and tolerance levels and will be taken into account with your blood alcohol content ticket. Not understanding what is expected of a charged DUI driver can be a problem in these cases and so it is important that you consult a Criminal Defense attorney. Skagit County clients can look to the Law Firm of David N. Jolly for experience and advice for the entire criminal defense process.

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A DUI in Skagit County Requires an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney 

The charge of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is serious and has multiple penalties that may be imposed.  What is concerning is that many of these penalties may be imposed on an individual at their first court date in Skagit County.  DUI laws are becoming increasingly more strict and a Skagit County Judge may order an individual install an ignition interlock device on their vehicle within days of the arrest.  Installation of the ignition interlock is mandatory if a driver has a prior arrest for DUI.  Skagit County will undoubtedly require your presence in Court within days of your arrest, even as soon as the very next day.  Because of this urgency it is critical you consult with an experience Skagit County DUI attorney. 

David Jolly has been in criminal courts in Western Washington since 1997 and as a former prosecuting attorney understands exactly what the State or Municipal prosecuting attorneys in Skagit County must do to convict an individual. As such our defense is catered around the fact that a case must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt and this very fact is what guides us in every individual case. Since 2001 David Jolly has been defending those accused of criminal charges with a focus on Skagit County Criminal Defense. Attorney Jolly has also authored 20 criminal law books including the most recent publication the “Marijuana DUI Handbook,” the first of its kind in the country and a topical book on a new and delicate subject. If you have been charged with a crime it is in your best interests to contact Skagit County criminal defense lawyer David Jolly immediately. Your freedom is at risk and your rights must be protected. Do not assume you will be treated fairly or the Judge will sympathetic to your situation. It simply does not work that way. Your best protection is to hire an aggressive and experienced Skagit County criminal defense attorney. Call the Law Firm of David N. Jolly today to fight your Skagit County criminal charge.

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  • If you are charged with DUI in Skagit County your first court date is mandatory and may be the next day.
  • ​If you have previously been arrested for DUI the Skagit County Judge will require you to immediately install an ignition interlock device.
  • A Deferred Prosecution will dismiss your Skagit County DUI, with no jail, and no license suspension.  

The Law Firm of David N. Jolly are Skagit County Criminal Defense Attorneys who help and protect those accused of criminal charges.  Our Skagit County criminal lawyers and staff have more than 60 years of experience in criminal law and are available in the evenings or weekends to take your call and provide immediate advice.

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