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Marijuana DUI Criminal Defense Skagit County Wa

The Marijuana DUI Handbook, written by Skagit County Criminal Defense Attorney David N. Jolly, will be published September, 2014

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A DUI for Marijuana in Skagit County is Complicated so Talk to the Best

The changing legal scene in Washington has allowed for consumption of marijuana to be accepted.  However, this liberalization of Marijuana has caused concern in law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys offices.  This is precisely why you need an experienced lawyer if arrested for a Skagit County Marijuana DUI.  Prosecuting a Marijuana DUI is not necessarily as easy as many prosecutors think.  One recent example that occurred in Skagit County with a case defended by our Skagit County Marijuana attorneys was an individual who was stopped by a Trooper, he admitted to consuming marijuana hours earlier, failed the field sobriety tests, and submitted to a blood draw.  It took months to receive the blood draw and when it was retrieved the blood test revealed no marijuana in the person's system.  That is correct, no THC.  Yet despite evidence that determined the innocence of our client the Skagit County prosecuting attorney still wanted my client to plead guilty.  This was not acceptable and as a result we brought a motion to dismiss (called a Knapstad Motion) because there was insufficient evidence to prove our client guilty of a Marijuana DUI.  The Skagit County Judge granted our request and our client's Marijuana DUI was dismissed.

This example illustrates the very fact why you need an experienced and knowledgeable Marijuana DUI lawyer if you have been arrested.  When facing a criminal charge you are at the whim of a prosecutor and the mercy of a Judge.  You must not face this challenge alone.  If this is you, or you have a friend of family member in a similar situation, please contact Skagit County marijuana DUI attorney David N. Jolly for an immediate and free consultation.  Do not leave anything to chance as there is too much at risk.  Our Marijuana DUI attorneys in Skagit County can help.  Call (360) 336-8722 today.  

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In 2012 the Washington State legislature legalized the recreational use of marijuana.  In order to address the fears of many in law enforcement and politics the legislature also enacted a new law making it illegal to drive a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana.  The most significant change to the DUI statute was adding a "per se" prong to the statute meaning, that any driver who has 5 or more nanograms of THC in their blood within two hours of driving is guilty of driving under the influence of marijuana, regardless of whether the driver is actually impaired by the drug.  Further, it makes no difference that cannabis is legal or if the driver had a prescription of the drug.  If you have driven with the drug in your system you are risking being arrested for a marijuana DUI in Skagit County.  The amount consumed to produce a THC level of 5 nanograms is not a significant amount.  Additionally it is very difficult to predict how much marijuana needs to be ingested to get to the dangerous level as dictated by law.  As a result it is strongly advised by our Skagit County Marijuana DUI defense lawyers that you should not drive if you have recently consumed any marijuana.

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Fantastic experience with David and his team. I thought life was over after I got my DUI and then received 2 more speeding tickets in the months that followed. David was able to get me awesome results, 2 of the 3 speeding tickets were thrown out, one of them was re-written as a non-insurance impacting ticket. My DUI was very well handed in the courts and the Department of licensing charges were dropped. Thanks!  

- Michael, Anacortes, WA

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Skagit County can attempt to prove you guilty of a marijuana DUI by submitting evidence that you had 5 nanograms of THC in your blood or that you were impaired by marijuana.

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The police officer may have obtained your blood with your approval or obtained a warrant to get your blood.

A Marijuana DUI has exactly the same penalties as an alcohol DUI in Skagit County including the requirement of an ignition interlock device.

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The consumption of marijuana may be legal in Washington State but it may not be legal for the person charged with a Marijuana DUI. Be careful and cautious.

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David Jolly understands Marijuana DUI cases like no other Skagit County lawyer for he wrote the first Marijuana DUI Book in the United States.

You may be required to appear in Skagit County court immediately after your arrest for DUI even if the blood draw is not yet available. Be prepared!

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