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Skagit County Probation Reviews Can Result in Jail

If you find yourself facing Court after an alleged probation violation, go prepared.  Often the reason for the apparent violation can be remedied prior to you appearing in Court.  In such situations you may even have your court date stricken if you can provide proof to the court that the problem alleged has been rectified.  For instance, one of the most common reasons for Probation Reviews is due to the defendant not completing an required task previously ordered by a Skagit County Judge. Criminal Defense attorneys often see their clients delay in completing alcohol drug information school or the DUI victim panel and therefore get notice from Skagit County Court that their presence is required to explain this failure to a local Judge.  Such a situation is simple to fix - complete the required obligations as soon as possible and send proof to the Court.

There are other situations that are more difficult to cure however.  If you were convicted of DUI or Petitioned the Skagit County Court for a Deferred Prosecution you must not receive a new criminal charge or drive without your license and insurance. Failure to comply in such a situation will result in 30 days of mandatory jail in Skagit County District Court.  If this has happened to you immediately contact a local Skagit County criminal defense attorney for assistance.  If the alleged violation is due to you receiving a no-insurance ticket, be sure you contest the ticket and have the matter dismissed before facing the Judge in your Skagit County probation review hearing.

Probation violations in Skagit County are serious and may result in severe sanctions such as significant jail.  If you have received notice from Skagit County court of a Review Hearing be sure an contact a local Skagit County criminal defense attorney for help.  Skagit County probation violations and review hearings do not have to result in jail so contact us today.

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Be Prepared and avoid Skagit County Probation

Skagit County probation takes a very active and interested role in many criminal cases, particularly if the individual has a history.  One way to avoid the brother antics of the probation department is to be prepared, do what you're advised to do by an experienced Skagit County criminal defense attorney, and never commit more than one crime.  Sounds easy but if you're not properly informed avoiding probation in Skagit County may be more difficult than first thought. 

If you have not been previously arrested for DUI the key to avoiding supervised probation is to complete an alcohol evaluation, complete the recommended treatment or classes, and a DUI victim panel.  In criminal cases that are not DUI related, be certain you have completed any necessary requirements that the Court may impose, such as restitution to a victim or proof of insurance, prior to the criminal case concluding.

Skagit County Probation

Fantastic experience with David and his team. I thought life was over after I got my DUI and then received 2 more speeding tickets in the months that followed. David was able to get me awesome results, 2 of the 3 speeding tickets were thrown out, one of them was re-written as a non-insurance impacting ticket. My DUI was very well handed in the courts and the Department of licensing charges were dropped. Thanks!  

- Michael, Anacortes, WA

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For a first time DUI, if you complete the evaluation, ADIS class (or treatment) and DUI Victim Panel, you should avoid supervised probation.

DUI and Probation

If you have a prior DUI arrest you will immediately be placed on pretrial probation and must report that day.

If convicted of DUI the Skagit County probation will check you criminal record for 5 years. A new conviction will result in a hearing and 30 days of jail.

Skagit County Probation Department


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Skagit Probation

Skagit County Probation
  • Stay out of criminal trouble in Skagit County
  • Do everything Skagit County court has required you to do - and do it early!
  • ​If you are on active probation, arrive early to all meetings and never miss a meeting!
  • If you are continuing with alcohol or drug treatment while on probation sign a release allowing information to be sent to Skagit County probation.

Probation Tips

If you are on probation it is imperative to comply and do exactly what you are supposed to do. Importantly, behave and provide all requested documents.

Dealing with Probation

Pretrial Probation

Pretrial probation is when the Judge, at your arraignment in Skagit County, orders you to immediately report to probation and be monitored at a cost of $150. 

The key to avoiding supervised probation in  Skagit County is to be an active participant in your case and complete all that is required prior to any final outcome.

Avoid Probation

Probation Skagit County